We focus on your individual business objectives to drive design and strategy decisions. Why? Because following generic marketplace trends leads you down a refresh cycle that repeats every two years.

We can work closely existing teams and help drive strategy that is already in place or we can work with you to create a new strategy altogether.

Every decision we make collaboratively will have a business purpose and provide value to your customers.

We will be direct and provide actionable strategy from day one.

We will challenge you to make hard decisions.

We will get results.

Step 1: Small Discovery Workshop

We like to start out with a tour of your location(s) to get a feel for your culture and existing marketing efforts as a whole. Designing a cohesive, on-brand, experience for your customers is important.

When appropriate, we will conclude the tour with a small discovery workshop organized around your project and intended outcomes. Typically, the workshops include internal stakeholders or team members that have direct contact with your customers through sales and marketing or support.

We do this because sometimes what your team thinks is happening and what is actually happening may be two different things. This process can open that up a bit and find new customer touch points, stress points in conversion flows, and sometimes even better ways to present your company.

To build a successful strategy we need to have a strong groundwork to build on, right?

The goal: define potential customer touch points, decision makers, and their motivations as they relate to your business model.

Step 2: User Testing

Let’s get hyper-focused on your industry, competitors, and existing customer behavior. What works, what doesn’t, where are customers coming from and what are their expectations? We’ll find behavioral trends, motivations, and friction points that you can capitalize on for growth.

When appropriate, we’ll also interview stakeholders, existing customers, and do in-depth competitive analysis to define your value as it relates to your customers and their needs.

Oh, did we mention we’re one of only a handful of official partners with UserTesting.com?

The goal: uncover key points from users that distance you from your competition negatively and positively. Then we map out how use that to your advantage.

Step 3: Define Key Metrics for Success

Now that we’ve become hyper-focused on your industry and what makes you special, we’ll ask some difficult questions.

Together we will define your key metrics for success. If you want more hits on your website or more followers on Facebook or Twitter you’re probably talking with the wrong folks at this point. However, if you want to do great things like increase online revenue for a specific product line or annual event by 2.5% this year or decrease support center calls by 10% this quarter you’re in the right place.

We like specifics. It means you know what you want, we’ve communicated successfully, and, most importantly, we are all accountable for strategic growth that can be replicated.

Step 4: Wireframing

Combining all of the incredible data we’ve collected we create a detailed strategy document that overviews your specific customer experience flow, what competitors are doing successfully, and how our findings suggest you can gain market share and achieve your business goals.

It’s detailed. It’s strategic. It’s actionable.

Step 5: Design & Development

We approach design and development in unison. Because we’ve already created the blueprint and structure of the website with the wireframing process the developers can begin working their magic immediately.

At the same time, we will work closely with you to iterate through the new design of your website.

All of our websites are mobile friend, entirely responsive, and coded with standards and SEO as a priority.

Some of our past clients broadcast special pages of their website on large monitors at conventions or in the lobby of their corporate offices! That’s pretty responsive if you ask us.

Step 5: Analyze, Adjust, and Grow

After we upload, migrate, or launch your new website we don’t disappear into the shadows. We’re there to help you long-term. We answer phones and emails, questions, and comments long after we’re contractually obligated to do so. No nightmare situations for you. We promise.

Even better, we continue to monitor your website for 30 days. Then we analyze the user behavior and meet with you to discuss our findings, plan our next steps, or give everyone high fives.

Often times we work with clients long-term to create agile strategies each month, create new landing pages or micro-sites, and analyze incoming metrics to drive new directions. We’ll be your partner for as long as long as it makes sense for you.

Our process works. But don’t take our word for it.


Candorem brought our vision of a clean, fresh, redesigned, cross-platform web site to life. Josh and his team coached us through the entire project lifecycle, from assessment and innovative user testing, to the production and launch of the new and improved TransformMilwaukee.com.

Jennifer Conlin
Director of Marketing


The quality of Candorem’s web design has placed us head-and-shoulders above our competition.  Every day I get customer comments about how simple it is to navigate our site and how easy it is to check out.  Every single day.

Scott Lindsey


Josh’s input in the development of [our] website was absolutely essential. I don’t think that the site would have been nearly as good without his input. Highly value all of his input and all of his feedback during the development of the site.

Jonathan Barrick
Marketing Manager

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