User testing is about more than usability and interaction. It’s about finding the core motivation behind your customer’s decisions. It’s about giving you a competitive advantage and improving retention. It’s about saving money and boosting revenue.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Our user testing and usability audit service helps internal teams showcase very explicit growth points to justify buy-in from upper-management or board members. We’re here to make your life easier.

We can test wireframes, website mock-ups, websites, mobile apps, games, and even real-world environments. Want to see what a potential customer’s feedback is as they browse the show room? We can do that. Want to see what it’s like browsing your mobile website while on a bus? We can do that too. We can even test early designs of a new website another agency is working on for you.

We test your existing users, partners, or potential customers in the context of every day life. Not in a testing lab.

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Our final deliverable consists of a boardroom ready booklet detailing specific action items to solve your business problems. We supplement that booklet, that ranges from 5 to 40+ pages, with a video highlight reel of key points from our user testing sessions.

The video highlight reel is the perfect way to start a meeting and get everyone motivated or convince stakeholders to invest in changes.

We don’t deliver a cookie cutter booklet with your logo slapped on it either. We work together with you to define the problems that your business needs to solve. It’s specific to you and your needs.

That’s great, but why should we invest in user testing?

Often times internal teams or stakeholders are too familiar with their company’s positioning, terminology, and objectives. Even though their intention is to create a great experience sometimes they forget that most users may not be familiar with certain elements of their brand or industry standards.

We fix that.

But don’t take our word for it…

Candorem puts a real emphasis on design psychology and enhancing the user experience.  Their proven designs paired with real world user testing and analytics has taken us from being a company that relied 100% on the phone and has turned us into a company that generates a huge portion of its revenue directly through web conversions.

Scott Lindsey
Co-Founder, Satmodo

We helped Scott’s company become a multi-million dollar business in their first 18 months with our user testing feedback. Not too bad, right?

Our board-room ready audit starts at $2,680

Results are delivered with 10 business days (If you need results faster, please call us at 920-390-2501). If you’re ready to unlock your customer’s motivations contact us now.


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