Netclearance RFID Beacon Promotional Video

Netclearance is the leading provider of cloud-based mobile proximity marketing. They offer state-of-the-art wireless proximity Internet of Things (IoT) beacon technology and software to drive real-time customer and workplace insight for optimized decisions and increased margins.

Leading up to a major convention Netclearance needed a way to draw attendees to their booth. Convention floors are noisy and overstimulating by design. With that in mind, we story boarded and animated a 1 minute promotional video that was easy enough to follow without the help of audio or conversation.

This video acted as a lead generator to pull attendees into the booth to learn more about Netclearance’s one of a kind beacon hardware and software technology.

2016 Silver ADDY Award
Category: Film, Video, & Sound – Sales Promotion – Audio/Visual Sales Presentation

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